Chicks Talking Shift

Shift's Getting Deep - The Poop on Change! - From Video Podcast

December 17, 2020 Alecia & Angel
Chicks Talking Shift
Shift's Getting Deep - The Poop on Change! - From Video Podcast
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Feeling like you’re up 💩shift’s💩 creek without a paddle? We get it!  Change can be a b*tch but we’ve got the low down on how to spot it before you step in it and how to recognize it when you’re full up in it.

We’re ALL riding the rapids of change and the white water’s churning!  In this unique convo, Angel tosses us a life raft for when our canoe gets swamped.  The 6 Stages of Transformation from her book, Dedicated to Destiny serve as that paddle you’re looking for to steer and propel your way towards calm, still waters.  🚣‍♀️

Here’s what we share on how to chart your course to help you sail above it ⛵️
• Epic waves of change and how they show up - The 4 E’s
• Perspective of change from the crow’s nest
• A compass to help you navigate the funky waters
• Being a castaway through change- Angel’s real life story

Regardless of the change you find yourself going through, just remember, change is chosen on a soul level.

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Shift's Getting Deep - The Poop on Change!

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hi we're chicks talking shift and we have had the most amazing conversation about change and transformation and we've talked about it from perspectives that we don't usually see and one of the things that I loved best is that Angel shares from her book dedicated to destiny the six stages of transformation that are our roadmap to help us understand what we're going through and how we get to that next place and one thing that occurred to me while I was writing those books is to understand how change shows up so that we can learn to anticipate it and adapt with ease and grace and we cover all of that in this conversation so if you hang out to the end of the video you'll see some fun bloopers and outtakes that you'll really enjoy with dessert that's awesome thanks for joining us enjoy


hi again everybody and welcome back to chick's talking shift I'm Angel and I'm Alecia hello Alecia hello Angel looking good yes what are we talking about today well here's the deal


we are going through this massive shift and it caught us a little bit by surprise little unexpected changes in our lives a little disruption and it kind of feels like  the world didn't let us know that it was decided to go on a course correction you know what I mean it's like wait a minute you're oh oh we are changing oh okay I I just  I heard about this but I I do see that you were serious now we're on this massive course correction and we are all feeling like we are up shifts creek without a paddle right


and so once you and I we were having this conversation about a course correction correcting the course of our lives  because we've gotten off  before covid I mean if we're gonna compare then versus now there are a lot of things I think a lot of people are realizing including myself I could speak for myself and that is what wasn't working what was not working and so now  we're finding that it's a time of integration it's a it's a time to integrate parts of what we liked about our life before the pandemic which has been a huge catalyst for our transformation  and take those but also releasing some other parts and integrating all kinds of things and so this conversation I I I extremely  passionate about as you know I am excited about it and it's going to be a little bit about the process


of how we correct our course and take action because


right now it's not even an option to learn to adapt to change what we've been experiencing in 2020 is I think just a little sampling of what is to come and to be prepared for this in a way where  we got to start talking about it people have to start talking about this shift and and do what we're doing or at least join our conversation to spark some  guidance and direction and help us through it as we're going through it so that's that's what this conversation is about and it's it's about change and adapting to change essentially so when we talk about change Alecia what comes to mind how do you view change change for me typically has a real positive connotation  because I generally initiate it I like change I feel like I'm a change agent and so there's a piece and and I'm always self-excavating working my process and trying to refine myself as a human being and as a soul having this experience so for me change is usually positive but I think it's probably because I initiate it and so when we've talked about change I became aware of the fact that I have a tendency to think about it two different ways generally the first place I go which is for myself and it's a positive thing because I initiated it and I've been the in my life over the last few decades there's not been a lot of change that has been forced on me and so when I think about things like the pandemic and that sort of thing all of a sudden I realize that a lot of times outside of myself I have a tendency to see change as being something a bit heavier and negative you know like it's happening to me and almost even some a victimization almost a feeling when it when it gets superimposed on you and it wasn't something that you initiated so yeah when I think about change that's how I think about it and I think about change as being rearranged rearranged rerouted reorganized and the process itself is one thing and what the circumstances are but it's like anything else right it's how we embrace it and the view that we choose to use through whatever lens we choose to perceive it through it's so interesting to me because several times this week this has been a theme in my week for some reason that I've had different situations where I've been talking to somebody and the whole there's a phrase that I like that says a lot about my personal philosophy in life and that is often the pain is inevitable but the suffering is optional and the suffering comes from how we choose to view whatever our circumstances are so it's been interesting that that theme has come up for me several times this week so that's how I think of change how do you think of change when you because look you're the transformation coach you've written the books there is something about change for you I've learned so much from you because you've been through a lot of changes in the last five or six years and so it's been a dance partner for you and there are aspects of change that you have worn that you have been that you understand on a different level than I do and so when we talk about it what does that mean for you change is something that does not happen to us and I'm extracting that from what you said change is always something that happens happens for us and it can be difficult at times absolutely doesn't have to be but it can be but change is always worthwhile


when you think about any change that has occurred in your life it's it's worth while change it has benefits attached to it and going back to what you said about the perspective it's how you look at it but really it's a lot depends on how the change shows up in your life it can show up  four ways and in my book I refer to these as the four e's an event okay let's think about  a marriage that's an event that changes lives  a divorce certainly changes lives  life a birth of a child a death of a loved one all these changes are events the pandemic is an event and so when you think of


these events in your life being a catalyst for change and so here I'm going to just


put myself out there because I've studied numerology and have been absolutely fascinated by it and once it was introduced to me and the  validation of all the paths that I've taken I chose I mean I chose this everything that that gives you a whole new perspective of change like you chose these turning points you put you planted them there so that we can evolve that's why we're all here on this planet but we'll get into that another day


but let me say as one who has been a recipient of your knowledge and intuition around numerology you're really good it's amazing to me some of the things that you shared about me it's like oh my gosh and this was years ago yes this was years ago when we didn't even know each other as well as we do now it you amazed me with what you know about numerology wow awesome yeah it changed it changed me I've never had anybody ever and at one time I was writing articles in conscious community magazine and doing a lot of numerology readings and I never had anybody say oh that's not that's not true or that does not fit me or my life I mean it's always been whoa so  I know that we choose a lot of this stuff on a soul level and you know because we're born with this veil we forgot all that stuff  we and numerology is just a little glimpse into into some of that stuff but  bit of a decoder ring isn't it it's like a decoder thing and it's you know it's been around numerology it's been a practice for


it goes back to ancient ancient times anyway so events is one way change occurs


the next way change shows up in our lives is through an encounter in an encounter with another person it could be an encounter with  it could be in a movie where you resonate with that character and it literally holds the mirror up for you you identify with some aspect of the character in the movie or it's an encounter you're having an encounter  when you meet somebody and it could be a boss who gives you feedback and it could be delivered as criticism and not maybe positive feedback that's an encounter because it causes you to go what ah what no you know


is absurd when first heard right typically so usually these encounters  are changes is there to wake us up these little awakenings these are just little awakenings we planted for ourselves along the way and so an encounter is  is another way through our relationships it's when the mirror is literally held up and we can see ourselves and then that change occurs an encounter with somebody else when you admire somebody else typically it's something in yourself that is not being expressed and so when you admire something and some that changes you this puts change in emotion an encounter you meet the love of your life that encounter changes your life changes your path so an event an encounter an epiphany have you ever had an epiphany that changes everything you can't even describe what an epiphany is wow the awkward moment yeah it's about as good as it gets for me aha moment it is  and it isn't aha moment  but it's the realization it's like an instant shift in your belief system


and that that's really the epiphany it's like something you believe before all of a sudden that there is a different light in a twist and you see it through different lenses and now it's like oh I see it differently and so your belief about something changes whatever that is but it is aha moment powerful that that is instant  transformation yeah that totally makes sense yeah and then you have change where it's essential


the fourth is essential so you go to the doctor and the doctor says you better quit smoking or  this is not going to have a good outcome for you and so you make that change make an intention about making that change or  you get out of a toxic relationship  where your spirit is dying for your


highest self that's not a healthy place for you to be it's essential so anything having to do with physical emotional well-being 


mental health and spiritual well-being  those those changes are essential  that you make  and transformation starts being put into motion at that point so those are the ways that it shows up in our life in understanding just that understanding just that we can learn to anticipate when change will occur because if you know if there's an event coming up in your life whoa I'm getting married that is also change it doesn't necessarily have to be negative right but that your life has changed and start preparing yourself for that transformation that you're going to go through whether you're aware of it or not and  and prepare for that prepare for the transfer what transformation is going to feel like when you have that first baby and that kind of rocks your world a little bit  it it's understanding how it shows up creates the awareness that changes in motion it's like oh okay now see that's what I'm talking about right there there is no way in hell that I could have run down anything like that and it all made total sense to me those four e's I never I never thought about how change comes about so that totally makes sense to me all of those needs make sense to me amazing that that's excellent stuff that's what I'm talking about you're the transformation coach you get change on a level that I don't get it I I mean this came through me while I was going through massive change in in my life so I I would love to take credit for it but I can't I really I really can't  you know several years back I going through I don't even know where to start  I guess the financial crisis kicked it off  then a move across the country than a divorce then learning to be a single mom then taking a a huge career path turn which turned out to be my dream job which was awesome so there was good changes happening in the middle of all this  but with that job came travel extensive travel and so there's stress associated with that plus being a single mom and traveling and


lots of transformation at once and then my mom passed away and my stepdad had passed away and I moved back across the country for the dream job and lost the job it was a little bit too much just a little bit you're talking about it and I can barely breathe because more than one person can yeah you talk about the top stressors the top 10 stressors in the human experience  I think I checked all the boxes and it's I realized that for most people change would be solemn


yes it's not something you're using your hurrah rawing through unless it's changed that you have that you've created that you've I can't think of the word that I'm looking for but that you've initiated change that you've initiated feels a little bit different than change that's been forced upon you


and that's what I realized the difference is for me when I talk about change when I talk about change for myself it's always change that I initiate and so since I don't have much change and haven't experienced much trauma on me since childhood I don't have that solemnness around job losses the loss of children people in the hospital all that kind of stuff yes yes but that's when I started journaling and that's when I started  really revisiting my yoga practice every day and it was through journaling and expressing what I was going through I kept writing that but that's where the six stages came from I realized oh no I'm going through this release thing again okay well and it was I was like wait a minute I'm seeing a pattern here and that's where it came through and they were put into gear the six stages of transformation essentially you know kind of go through the process first one is realize and then you got to release let go of what doesn't serve you what you don't want to take with you so what don't we want to bring with us into the next normal and then rebound all change does require some grieving it is a loss of something something's being released for us or we're releasing a part of ourselves  but there's a grieving and letting go and also part of the change process and so the rebound stage is very very  important a lot of self-care necessary and then once you start coming out of that and healing and  kind of balancing everything out then you step in the reinventing stage which is fun but you stumble and fall and you get back up and try it again say no that's not who I am anymore or what have you and you you make another choice and from there you resurrect into that highest self the highest vision you have yourself and the last and final stage is respond and that is what's the point of getting this far when you can't help somebody else so you have a responsibility to help others


get through the process so I guess that's a that's my take on change plenty nights where I was awakened at 3 a.m with thoughts and insights I'm like oh okay I'll write that down I'll put in my phone or I'll write it down and then more they just keep coming I'm like okay next you know I'm up writing the book at three in the morning for hours when things just started flowing through and so I I didn't know it then but  oh I'm kind of getting emotional


it's just occurring to me 


they that book was written and I didn't understand why like what makes me an expert at change and I'm writing about it but it's written for now and you can't I can't tell you how many times I have gone back and revisited my own book to go through this process again to be reminded of some of this stuff right oh yeah transformation again  but at least I know kind of where I am on the path of transformation where I've been and where I'm going so it's  it's kind of a powerful powerful thing it's like an internal gps system that you always talk about


you know it's a natural cycle but becoming aware of it it speeds it up speeds up the process with that awareness


well that's why that's why you that's why the book again isn't it is because I mean it's a it's it's a guidebook it's like what you were talking about that when you know change is coming you can you can prepare for it and it kind of makes the path a little bit easier and so having a guidebook to be able to recognize where you are at this particular stage even if it even if change blindsides you as you're going through it those things still hold so for you I hear you say that sometimes you even go back to your own book it's it's like a stabilizer isn't it it's like yes yes this is where I am now and so when you feel like you've got a bit of a grasp on it it makes it easier to navigate it's the same as consciousness and it's the same as detaching as an observer these are the things that help make that step by step by step even though you're still walking through the muck and even though it's still slow it makes it a little bit easier and even if the feet are heavy it lightens the heart doesn't it and it also helps control the monkey mind a little bit because it's like okay now you can be quiet because we know what this is we have a sense of what's next even if you don't know the details that it makes it a little bit easier anything's easier with a map or a guidebook and it's either by choice or by chance you choose change or it occurs by chance happenstance so  the way it shows up will  impact the transformation process so yeah if it's an event like the pandemic a little bit different because it was unexpected usually unexpected change  hits us a little bit differently than when we're intentionally absolutely strange you know so it's  it's understanding a little bit more about change and the dynamics involved because it's not slowing down


I think we just are getting a sample of what's to come and so I I'm feeling stronger than ever about right now it is so essential for us to learn to adapt to change and here's the other realization I had


it's not even learning it because I believe that flowing through change is part of our nature it's a natural gift that we're born with it it's just something that we unlearn because of life and so now it's


it's kind of deep you can't learn how to adapt to change because it's something that we naturally go through with change we're just not aware of it it's like we have forgotten and so what we're needing to do right now is to remember how to flow through change right believe that's what the six stages of transformation are right I happen to put a framework around it but it's it's still the the process in which we go through whether you choose it or it just shows up unexpectedly it you may go through the process quicker if you choose it because you have more awareness


these conversations I'm telling you they are  intense we  we hope you've enjoyed the experience as well we love to hear your comments  because they help us better understand where you are and what you're enjoying and what your  what your triumphs and your trials are that makes a big difference to us and when you do things like like and subscribe it helps other people  it helps us get to other people so they can get our our message in our videos too so we really appreciate you being though the wind beneath our wings yes well said


until next time just be your best self and remember held up eyes forward don't look back we've got this we've totally got this


all right here we go give it a try I believe in you


are you casting a spell on me


I found that


hair blue damn you probably got all the candles on the birthday cake didn't you


oh my god that's so funny yeah that's


change is very fascinating to me interesting I wish I wasn't so fascinated with it though because I think I manifest more of it


it's like damn it's showing up again hey


here it is again I changed my old friend back in the real life stage


oh my goodness that's so funny  you ran through your e's you ran through your


re’s whippies


pretty please


you're taking this to a whole new level to a whole new level not me


what are you saying I said I might have to sneeze


sorry I'll let it go I'll let it go you're so slow are you really going to need to sneeze no oh you were just lying I was rhyming I know I'm teasing you here we go let's take a ride namaste


yes you