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January 14, 2021 Angel & Alecia Season 1 Episode 2
Chicks Talking Shift
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Warning:  This is a podcast of a different kind; one that enters into dangerous political territory.  

We invite you to play with us in the following space. Consider the following elevated conversation an exercise in awareness and personal energy management.  Notice where you are making assumptions because everything is not necessarily as it first appears...or is it?  

Simply, take notice of where your spiky places may arise, as the twist at the end may open your eyes. 

It’s not about us, our beliefs or even the content, it’s about you...and how you respond.  Pay attention to what emotional triggers you have and maybe even take some notes with some time markers as you may want to revisit them and ask yourself, “What causes me to feel this way?”  Remember, if you don’t like how you’re responding, observe that and choose again.  

We hope that you’ll play with us in holding the mirror up to see where your discomfort, judgements and assumptions lie and how you might be unconsciously energetically contributing to the divisiveness in our world.  If you don’t find any, thank you for holding a higher vibration. The world needs more like you.  

Thanks in advance for setting the intention for self-awareness...our hope is that you find some value in this transformational process and experience the magic of the shift.   

Thanks for playing with us!

Peace Out & Big Love!


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hi there we're Chicks Talking Shift hey let's face it life's changing and we're waking up that's exactly what the shift is yeah so go ahead eavesdrop on our chats as we bring a sparkle to the struggle and glow to the flow and belly laugh our way towards enlightenment i got a sister Angel over here she wrote the book on change she's totally got the lowdown on transformational hacks to get through this shift yeah my soul sister Alecia here is a conscious advice columnist and the go-to girl for sage insights and elevated perspectives that create that awesome feeling of freedom so pull up a chair get present and reach and buckle up as we journey together embracing change elevating consciousness and raising the vibes one chat at a time

hey Alecia how are you my friend i'm good how about you girlfriend i'm doing all right hey you know i feel like this show should come with a warning label because it's a podcast of a totally different kind nothing i've ever heard oh my gosh ain't it the truth especially with the heightened political sensitivities that we're all seeing lately this conversation potentially enters into dangerous territory but you know we're all about raising awareness from the inside out here at chicks talking shift so angel let's invite our listeners to play with us in the following space consider this an elevated conversation an exercise in personal energy management which you know is totally my thing notice where you might be making some assumptions because sometimes not everything is as it first appears so you may want to look a little deeper hmm i love that and truth be told it's it's not about us it's not about our beliefs or even the content that we're talking about it's about you it's about you the listener and how you respond to what we're saying so pay attention to what triggers you have and maybe even take some notes with some time markers as you may want to revisit them because you can always choose again we're inviting you to take notice of where your spiky places may arise as the twist at the end just may open your eyes oh twists oh so intriguing so we hope that you'll play with us and maybe holding up a mirror to see where your triggers and assumptions are and maybe even how you might be energetically contributing in an unconscious way to the to the divisiveness that we're all experiencing and if you don't find any deep deep gratitude to you for holding a higher vibration because the world needs more people like you thanks in advance for setting the intention for self-awareness our hope is that you find some value in this transformational process this exercise and that you get to experience the magic of the shift and who isn't about magic i'm all about it so angel what are we talking about today today we're talking about transformational perspectives for our nation and the big shift that's happening here in the united states and i think through this whole election for me it's been

really a wake-up call i think this this whole election is shaking everything up to saying hey it's not working i mean on both sides and you know things sometimes have to break down in order for us to rebuild and actually i in one of our conversations i think those were your exact words and i agree wholeheartedly and so i think this crazy election served its purpose in that regard

well i'm i'm totally in alignment with that you know um oftentimes we as humans we have a tendency to get real comfy and cozy when we don't have um much that's pushing at our door that's contrary to the way we're living our lives so i find that oftentimes we do our best growing and experience our most exponential growth when we feel like things aren't necessarily going our way and so it really does have a tendency to bring in different lenses that we can look get things through um to find perspectives that are maybe a little bit more soothing to the body and the emotions and the mind um that can have maybe a more healing um effect upon us instead of staying engaged in the drama the anger the sadness the grief and all of those are okay we need to we need to acknowledge what we feel but at the same time we need to provide a very conscious container through which we choose to um share our viewpoints through and so if we're sad or if we're angry we can go ahead and we can acknowledge that we can even find where those feelings are in our body where they light but as we engage with other people i think that we're much better served to find a positive lens through which to look and share than to continue on with the drama and the difficulty of it all because then we're just seeing the same of that which isn't making us happy to begin with you know what i'm saying i know exactly what you're saying uh but how do we i mean how do we make people aware to even have that perspective and and that's that's where we are it's it's uh in and i feel like people are starting to wake up to to those perspectives and i see i'm seeing a lot of response on facebook as well you know it could be just my circle of friends but i'm seeing that people are saying okay come on everybody let's just be kind we're all in this together this is we've got to come together as a nation you know those those higher perspectives are starting to be shared but what are you know what in your opinion what are some things that can help us realize that being angry sad i mean what's i mean how do we change that

i think if we pay attention to how it feels when we encounter that in someone else that can really be a good guide as to what it might feel to be on the receiving end of ours yeah and so if we don't like the way that feels when someone else is being angry towards us or they're ranting and they're not respecting what our perspective is then it's the whole golden rule do unto others as you would have them do unto you and so in light of what we've experienced with this election it seems like maybe half of the country is celebrating and the other country in the other part of the country is at the very least sad um i'm seeing a lot of fear there's a lot of fear around what the future holds and even sadness and so i stop and think about if my candidate would have won there would have been other people that would have been feeling probably just the opposite and so part of that for me is first of all not gloating you know if you're the one that won but being you know a good winner as well as being potentially a good loser if you want to call it that if you feel that you lost something in that process so i think it's important for us to look through those lenses um and do unto others and really as a as a very good friend of mine says it's time to put on your big girl panties and pull them way up high because we need to show up as mature adults here and the the American citizens have voted and a certain candidate won and that is going to be our president it appears and so it's up to us to show up in maturity and be gracious and accept the fact that this is our president and if we don't like the way that he's doing things or that congress is doing things then this isn't the only election so you know we're not helpless here we're not helping exactly exactly yeah you know we're putting so much power into their hands and it's really in our own hands uh our own happiness and the opportunities that we wish to create in our lives uh i i'm a firm believer in that um what's what's bothering me i think more than anything throughout this whole process and still breaking my heart today is the the separation uh you know how do we bridge back the the people the friends the family that uh were so opposed to one another i mean to the point where there were name callings and just outright you know you're you're a fool you're stupid if that's what you believe and you know some of the things i mean i stayed out of it i don't i did not post a single political post on facebook at all and um i just didn't want to feed into any of that that separation that was already taking place and i know you too you were you were kind of like the very neutral that's what you do you're all about creating that neutral space and so

you know how i guess the question is how can we bridge that separation and bring it back to a oneness that atonement that uh you know how do we how do we create unity again but what can what can we do to create that neutral space i mean you kind of answered it already but what are your thoughts around that well i think one of the best things that we can do is approach it um with an open heart with empathy compassion and respect if people are feeling the way that they're feeling you know you mentioned you know that there's been mudslinging name calling and there's been a lot of disrespect especially you see it in the media you see it on social media and so um i think part of it is just recognizing that if you walked in that person's shoes if you live the life that they live in their family in their socioeconomic um circumstances in the state that they were raised under the circumstances that they were raised in whatever their religion or no religion however that is you may well be exactly who they are if you don't have a job right now if you're one of those people that ended up um underwater with a mortgage and potentially lost your home and you haven't been able to bring yourself back i understand the anger that's where the empathy and compassion comes from i would feel that way as well if i were in those circumstances and when life isn't going so well for you a lot of times you'll make a knee-jerk change and i think that's what some of our candidates were representing i think first and foremost is not judging people for where they're coming from even if you don't share that perspective you know and trying to come to an understanding place that's where our empathy comes from and so that's where the bridge happens is with the empathy the compassion and with the respect because if we can understand how they could feel that way then it helps us be able to not have energy towards them and that starts to drill that build that bridge so that we can have a dialogue across a neutral bridge yeah you know well it seems like this election has shined the light on so many uh those issues that we haven't been aware of it's like after 9 11 all of a sudden we became aware of the middle east which how many times did we ever think about the people of the middle east we we never did until then until now that's uh it's a big part of who who we are as a nation and so it you know it's it creates it's another good thing that's come out of the election is the awareness of all of the issues and perhaps creating that empathy for the people and some of the uh urban neighborhoods that are struggling with high crime and gosh i wouldn't couldn't possibly imagine what that experience is like it's very difficult for for me to imagine that but i can empathize absolutely and see where those folks would want some change and so yeah empathy is is huge and understanding putting yourself in other people's shoes that's that's going to be a big part of how we move through this and so i think that's that's definitely what our experience has been with the election is shining the light on some of these issues that you know i think our government has been is been

i wouldn't say they're sweeping it under the rug but it's not been as transparent as it could have been all these years and that's the other thing from my perspective that the light is being shined on here is the people are saying okay we can see behind the curtain now the curtain's been lifted we we got your number government uh we see some things that have been going on behind the scenes and us as American people uh we don't want to have that anymore we're not accepting that we want some transparency and some accountability and and so that's another good thing that's coming out of it i mean those are the things that are breaking down and being released because they're not serving anybody they're not they're not serving our society and that goes for any leadership in any country in our world right so you know as well as anyone that transformation is a messy business

roses rainbows and unicorns and it can get messy and it can feel very uncomfortable and so when when it's not just our our culture this is happening all across the world right now bill bills are being lifted globally not just in the u.s and there's you know there's been a lot of people that have been asleep for a very long time and haven't been consciously watching what's going on in their government and going on around them especially in the united states i mean most of us have a fairly cushy life and we're constantly entertained and fed and warm and having a great time and so under those circumstances it's real easy not to pay attention to what's been actually happening and so i think it's human nature that when those veils start to be pulled away and those curtains start to be pulled back especially as rapidly as it's happening that sends us humans a little bit sideways and it's difficult to navigate because all of those structures that you thought um were in place um and that were serving you you're now starting to find out that they really weren't and so one of the first places we go is anger because we didn't realize that it was happening and oftentimes that anger is projected outward to the people that are victimizing us and yes people have been manipulating and taking advantage of us but it wasn't without our permission whether by con whether consciously or by default isn't that interesting yeah and so you know i think that's part of what's happening as well and so and i think that's part of the divide that we've seen in the country too is that there's some people i think that it's been really scary for that would prefer to go back to a place that felt comfortable and safe before and that there's others that um are choose to to come from maybe a more progressive place and want to move forward into the future and change things and so it's a difference or perspective is one right or one wrong i can't say that one way or the other they just are and so the labels only come from what you choose to put on them and i really try not to put the labels you know again it's a it's a landscape so let's look at the landscape of you know you feel this way i feel this way another person feels that way and again breed that empathy and that respect and that compassion because the truth is these veils are being ripped away so quickly and it's this big domino effect that's happening very quickly and so with the anger for so many comes the fear and the fear is what really drives those negative emotions towards each other and so that's what i would like to see us get a more conscious handle on is our own personal fear because fear only only lives in the future right things that we don't know there's no fear in my present i'm i'm here right now i'm well fed i'm warm i'm clothed and i'm not afraid of what's happened in the past because i already know what that is and so when a lot of what i see on facebook are the projections of the doomsday of what this is going to mean which isn't necessarily so some of it may come to pass and others won't so i feel like it's a matter of managing our own internal fear first and foremost being conscious of it checking in with it and bringing ourselves back to the present moment when we realized that we're all spun out and anxious and fearful about what's happening in the future and then bringing it back to the moment and if there's something that you don't like about what that projection feels like to you in the future then take action in the moment do something to help that future not come to pass as best as you can sometimes you'll be successful and other times you may not be but i think that's one of the biggest things that's driving a lot of this big emotion that we're seeing in our country and around the world is fear and by taking action it prevents regret in the future exactly well it makes you feel i feel like you've got a little bit of power yes and we have more than we know yeah and fear is is not an easy thing to release and get rid of uh and that's but being in the moment is one way to practice that it is that is a great great advice is to practice being in the moment and i mean we can't control what our president is going to do we can control how we respond to it uh we can control accepting it because when we're not accepting it that's when the emotional bleeding starts to occur and we're like oh why is this happening so we're not accepting and that's that's another part of it is is really not fully embracing what's happening and i just love your perspective on

the the veils are being lifted we're able to not only see the shadow side and the darkness that's all coming out in the world and in our relationships and everything else in ourselves i'm seeing some shadow side come out of myself even and i think it's happening just across the board with all of us and it's scared you can see the anger and the stress that people are under and you drive down the roads and the road rage and the violence and the killings and it's people are having a tough time adapting to this so yeah definitely releasing the anger the stress the fear will help us in transforming ourselves and ultimately our nation and ultimately our world to a much higher place and those are some great things to release i mean because you have to release these things before we can undergo transformation we can't make our world better if we're living in fear we we can't it can't be that great vision of utopia if we're we still have any one person on this planet living in fear so helping each other move through that fear transform themselves out of that fearful place that's our responsibility as as humans and to help one another and it's not the responsibility of our leadership our government or that's up to us just to be good humans and and help one another so i think you bring up two fabulous points because fear begets fear true and one key piece that you mentioned is acceptance because what we know is what you resist persists yeah and so we need to be in acceptance of this is what has occurred acceptance is not resignation and with that acceptance then that starts to build the foundation that we start to build off from there in a positive manner yes yeah absolutely because what that does is it brings the shadow into the light you're shining the light on it and you're saying i see you and now you have a choice to accept it or keep moving it pushing it away but the more you push it away like you said it's just going to want to keep trying to come back in and take control but if you go no no no come on in i see i see you fear and i know what i'm afraid of and boy do you have a lot of power wow you've had a lot of power for a long time i respect that power and i heard that from Matt Khan and that that little piece of advice on how to deal with the darkness and fears and shadows and all that stuff in our lives is you know that one little snippet of spiritual teaching or personal development advice to help rid that i thought was very profound and timely for us and how to how to get rid of it because it's one thing to say oh just release the fear and we'll be great but it's it's again how to it does take some inner work it takes some time uh some nurturing and some self acceptance so it just takes a little bit of creating that space for that healing to occur which is also the rebound stage of the six stages of transformation it it's a natural process we have to undergo before we can start reinventing ourselves personally and as a nation so that's a big part of how are we going to rebound from this yeah we recognize these things are not working for us we need to release them and as you know some spiritual

higher consciousness uh a lot of the the languaging of our spiritual community today will speak in terms of well we are moving out of 3d and moving into a higher dimension in our world and that could be what's triggering people as well i know that's kind of a deep thought but people are still wanting to hang on to their 3d stuff whereas our consciousness is literally being raised collectively to a higher place we just don't know how to accept it we just don't know how to deal with it and so taking some time to integrate into this next new wave of what our world looks like of what our own personal life works looks like that's really important as well what are your thoughts yeah well i think it's all an inside job yeah for sure you know and so um i may not necessarily be able to do anything about the decisions that the president makes other than having my voice heard at the polls and practicing some sort of activism whether that's making phone calls or signing petitions or emailing people um and so the only place that i really have to start is within my own self and so it's about removing the log from my own eye before trying to remove the splinter and someone else's and so i think that again i love the quote be the change you wish to see in the world and so if each one of us took on the task of just checking ourselves and showing up as the best brightest most compassionate human that we can the world would change overnight because the people that are acting out and hurting others the reason that they're doing that is because they're in so much pain themselves and so when we it's what i taught my daughter when she was growing up about the bullies at school look don't take this personal if someone is picking on another person and they're bullying them it's because they're in their own pain and they don't have any tools to know how to do it differently and so you need to look upon the bullies of the world with compassion because they're hurting they're imbalanced somewhere they're in pain inside and us projecting against them doesn't make that any better you know so it's almost like killing with kindness that's what empathy and compassion looks like and that's what respect looks like seeing each other i mean really yes that person and i'm gonna take it again to the spiritual level and that is seeing each other as holes because we're all souls before we got into this human body and we forget that that's where we're connected and keeping that higher vibration and seeing people for who they are another thing i like what you said was checking in with yourself and being that observer of your own life kind of taking the passenger seat for a while and watching your own actions watch your own behaviors watch your own responses to certain things did you like it did you did you think that was the best way to handle a situation well change it it's that simple and next time something like that happens say you know what that's not who i am i will choose differently next time and we as long as you're walking breathing in this planet you always have the right to choose again and change change i say is the greatest gift we've ever been given the ability to change so we can change ourselves with a single thought it's it's it doesn't take any time to to make a change within of who we are so if you choose to see other people for who they are or if you choose to continue judging them for who they're not then uh so be it but you know i think the key to what you're saying is step back and just take another perspective let's take a a perspective from our higher selves that we're all here temporarily anyway what what kind of experience do we want to have while we're here on this planet because we're all going to end up back in the same place as souls and we're going to be together again anyway so at least that's my belief um how do we make it work down here and i think this is part of what's happening in our world all the destruction that is happening is waking us up to remind us that we are one we we we are seeing the darkness which we have to see the darkness in order to understand what the light is and remember Neale Donald Walsh in conversations with god was one of the profound teachings for me was if i mean if you don't know hot how would you possibly know what cold is and if you don't know up how would you know what down is you have to have the contrast and so we're being shown the contrast right now of what's what's in our world the the darkness the upset everything and until we can recognize it see it for what it is accept it as part of our transformational process then and only then can we move with less fear into how will we reinvent ourselves and go into that next stage of whatever it looks like right and as you say i mean the most powerful tool we have is the power of choice and when you don't like what's happening choose again choose a different blend to look through you know we don't have to only look at things through a negative lens we can bring understanding and compassion and empathy to the table now i sit in a place where we've had an election and it wasn't that wasn't necessarily my choice of candidate but what am i going to do i'm not going to sit and bash him i'm going to try my best now i do get on a lower level on occasion and i get down and grapple with the best of them but if he is our president we need to be seen sending prayers and blessings and praying for his highest because he is going to be leading our country so sitting and cursing him you know and dreading what's coming only adds more shadow to where we already are let's bring some light i'm going to pray for him i'm going to ask that spirit touch him and inspire him to be the best that he ever wanted to be well we can we can only hope that he surrounds himself around conscious people yes and that is the energy i'm sending to the white house is that the right people show up and speak from that higher place so that he can expand his awareness and see from different perspectives so that you know ultimately if he makes a final decision it'll be the right one because he's gathered enough information so the one thing that could work in our favor is is that he is you know surrounds himself around good people that gives me some hope that uh he has the ability to do that as a leader and just uh make those decisions from a higher place that that comes from empathy of all the people and uh i got i couldn't imagine i just there's that is a job i would not want to have to make those types of decisions because you know they're always going to be people that are disappointed no matter what you decide because of what you mentioned earlier we're all coming from different perspectives and social economic value systems and everything else so it's going to be really really hard for whoever stepped into that space to make the entire nation happy but again how will we respond and that's you know that's part of how we move forward and reinventing who we are it's it is through those choices that we make it is through the ability to see one another and help that next person once once we've moved through our not so good sides of us and we've kind of cleared out a lot of that that stuff that's not really making us the best person we can be and you can clear those fears we we clear the self-doubt we clear out the the anger the jealousy all the fear-based emotions that go with that and and now it opens up that space it's like a blank canvas for us to go okay well who will we choose to be from this point forward what can we fill that with what kind of behaviors and habits and actions can i take to fill that that self-doubt that had so much power over me for so long that's not there anymore because i've i recognize its power now wow what can i do with that power i mean all that energy where can i put it for the good of all for the good and that's that's how we reinvent ourselves as a society and so what comes to mind about putting energy and where can we put our when we set that stuff aside i mean what what kind of things can we do to help that next person

and i think that one of the best things that we can do is choose to look at things through a positive lens because i don't believe that um innovation or inspiration comes from a negative place you can't be both at the same time so we have that choice as we've as we've spoken about and so to be able to start to choose a positive stance and a positive viewpoint um i think can be really really helpful and then you know i think part of our issue is that sometimes we get overwhelmed it seems like there's so many things that need attended to that we don't know where to put our energy we don't know we know politics you know there's been so many issues there we see social causes i mean i think we a lot of this feel spread really thin and don't really know where to put our energy we can't put it into all those places right so i think one of the places that we start is again it's an inside job where are your passions if you concentrate on what your passions are because i mean we can look across that spectrum and we can care about a whole lot of different things that are going on but at the same time we're probably not passionate about all of those things so i think if we check in with ourselves and find out what our passions are you know maybe it's helping um you know single moms or battered women or um liking to see you know maybe you like to help you know earthquake victims in Haiti or another country i mean figuring out some are really turned on by politics and love that so i think that we we can kind of narrow our field by paying attention to what our passions are and then committing ourselves to those things instead of maybe being deluded like i sometimes feel quite deluded and i don't know which one to deal with you know because i see a lot of issues across the board and i think if i could take my own advice and figure out how i can make a difference in the places that i'm the most passionate about then that's kind of eating that elephant one bite at a time you know oh that's a great point great point about passion and finding purpose and i'm i'm a huge believer that we all come here with one at least one and it in fact we we come with many and we're multi-creative creatures so we have the ability to create passion about many things and the problem like what you're saying is which one how do we chisel it down we'll start with one and what i've learned in my journey of transformation that i've observed and written about and have a book on it now as i actually two books uh one of them is about my my personal journey and and how this this process has uh has helped us but it's it's what i recognize is that through my struggles and through the challenging times is where the fuel for my passion sparked it really was the that fuel that lit the fire during those times to my passion so uh you know i remember being uh at home with with my newborn baby and thinking this is this is what i've always wanted but i didn't feel that way inside for some reason there was a disconnect with the stay-at-home mom thing and and finding passion for being a stay-at-home mom and i i couldn't understand it i couldn't understand why i could not be filled with just being a stay-at-home mom i had this great opportunity but through that pain i realized that i'm i'm really here to take action to make the world a better place for this baby and for his generation and his kids and his grandkids and so there there was some pain there but just for me to be a stay-at-home mom wasn't enough for me to feel fulfilled um i knew my whole world changed when he came into it but i knew i had to do something more about the world when he came into it and that that's what what i began to recognize is that passion so i started getting into creating kids programs and you and i had worked on you know stuff together in in that in that realm and uh creating parenting awareness and raising the next generation of conscious young children and so i think if we take the time to look at what we've struggled in we will find some passion there and we'll find some sense of purpose and it's it's and that that's really what takes place when you're kind of rebounding and that you're emptying that space that's when those messages start to come through when you start accepting the challenging times that you've gone through seeing it for what it is you also begin to see the gift and what that challenge and change brought to you so i love love that you brought that up because now you start recognizing your purpose your passion you may say i have a passion to do many things start with one just start with one take that one little step and whether it's getting involved at your kid's school if it is making a difference with kids if it's if it is where you work where you your career person connect with the co-workers at work start to really see the people you work with for who they are and take let's take the blindfolds off and connect with people build a community within your workplace build a community within your neighborhood something that enables you to embrace that passion live that passion start a meetup group i mean anybody can do that but that's that is huge huge in reinventing who we are if everyone stepped into our passion imagine imagine what this world would be like if we all lived in that passion zone wow i totally totally well you like you like you say it gives you fuel yeah you know it fuels you it fills your cup up and then when you're feeling fulfilled and you're feeling passionate and you're feeling happy and you're feeling gratitude that has a ripple effect to everyone that engages you whether that be wine or people that you when you pick your child up at school or whether it's at that meet-up that it kind of just oozes from you and so and it's very magnetic people often want to know when you're really reflecting a lot of positivity a lot of times especially these days things are rough for a lot of people they want to know what do you have what is it that generates that because oftentimes they would like a piece of it as well well and what i have found is if i'm feeling uh sad or not happy and missing that joy in my life and there are days my life is a roller coaster i can be very moody there's no question about it i mean there are days where i'm up and that life is great but there are days where i feel just kind of like oh everything is like walking through the mud sometimes well one of the things that uh that i've learned is to give it to someone if i'm feeling disempowered i need to go out and empower somebody whether it's the cashier at the grocery store uh compliment somebody somewhere uh if i have it to give then i have it inside me it's still there so if i'm not feeling happy i need to smile i just will start smiling and that sends a message to the brain saying you must be happy smiling is a behavior of happiness and so once we exhibit those behaviors that we feel we're lacking and we step out and really take action and that's when our mind starts to believe that that's who we are and that's how we resurrect to that next greatest version of ourselves it's like gosh i would really love to to motivate and inspire people i think that's a just a human interest uh within the core of many of us i think that's the purpose of our species quite honestly but when we tap into that and we we truly connect with another person and engage actively engage with another human that sparks them that lights them and so whatever that is in you be conscious of it and consciously give it away a candle doesn't lose its flame by lighting another candle exactly exactly well and it's it's so beautiful what you're saying because you know it's one of my personal tenants um do for another what you would like to have done for you so if you're having if you're feeling some sort of personal deficit you know say you don't feel you know seen or supported or you know whatever the expectation might be then go and do and be that for someone else and i think that it has a ripple effect and i think it fills our cup up and i think that it has a tendency to set up a magnetism that will draw that same thing to you so that you can have your needs met as well oh i totally agree i totally agree and there's nothing selfish about thinking that way filling up your cup you it's it's it's really important and that's that's the other thing that i recognized about my own transformation is those times where i felt uh kind of deflated and where the journey just was a struggle i realized i haven't been filling my cup up i may have been giving too much away and not giving any back to myself i'm not nurturing myself enough or getting enough inspiration or connecting with people that fill me up and you know we do that for each other's when when we connect there is an a chemistry and energy that is sparked and we we we do that for each other we do that for a lot of people that we haven't even met yet and we we can all do that but that's uh that's really important that we keep our cup filled first so that it can overflow unto others and it's certainly a beautiful way to you know fulfill our responsibility and which also happens to be the sixth stage of transformation and truly help others and and make a difference i mean what are some other things we can do for for people to help one another well you know your point about filling the cup is it it's so spot on because that does have a tendency to be a feminine plight now doesn't it you know oftentimes the way that we're socialized is that as the woman as the mother who is the hub of the family um we have a tendency to take care of everybody else before we take care of ourselves and we can't fill our husbands cup or our children's cup or if we have aging parents or anything if our cup is totally dry and so there is a certain amount of um self-care that is required to be able to fill that cup up so that we have something to pour from you know and um that's being in touch as we've talked about with our passions you know that's being connected with other people and being um the connection that you talk about that's a presence that is such a lost art these days of being present with somebody else to sit and listen to whatever their issue might be and to just hold that space while they're running through the details and the emotions and the thoughts and the feelings of it um we don't have so much time for each other anymore and a lot of times i think a lot of us don't feel seen and it's because we're sometimes like ships passing in the night we've got that to-do list our eyes are straight forward on trying to get that next thing down on the list and marked off because we're drowning in our own to do's you know and we really need to have our to be list you know we really need to do that to be able to um it helps with our personal healing it helps with our perspective it helps keep resentment from building up because it's not it's nice when other people do for you but you can't always count on everybody else to be doing for you so once again it's self-care do for yourself and be for yourself you know so that you can be that better spouse and mom and sister and you know everything else so absolutely and and life is more fulfilling for everyone it's that ripple effect that you're talking about and uh and we do hold a lot of power to create that change i mean that's

that's uh that's a lot of power for sure and uh you said something that triggered a thought oh just the the fact that we are well and it made me think of the all the distractions in my life and how that i i allow those distractions to prevent me from being present and so that's just another thing to be aware of in our lives is oh my gosh um what's going on on facebook and an hour later i'm getting back to where i was or maybe i'm in line at that at the grocery store and i'm on my phone as opposed to maybe connecting with the lady behind me who needs help with her groceries putting it on the conveyor belt and just being aware and connecting in that way and and being aware of the distractions that prevent us from engaging in being present for others and just doing one act of kindness a day and something good for somebody else goes such a long way and boy does that fill your cup just an act of kindness a day yeah yeah well you have such a good point about the distractions i personally have seen these reflections a lot in my life lately you know whether it be facebook whether it be um the phone like you said you know when i'm sitting in the doctor's office a lot of times i'm on my phone you know i'm checking facebook or i'm sending a text or making a list or whatever it is and a lot of us are doing that and so there is a lot more disconnection as a result and so we miss we i think we often miss out on little gems that might be sitting there waiting for us that we never realized because we didn't look up from our phone and we didn't engage you miss those chancing counters those synchronicities that the person that you're sitting next to on the plane happens to have a particular piece that fits in with your particular puzzle that could potentially get you to the next stage or bring something to you that you had never thought of before that causes an aha moment that causes a personal shift within you and it is distractions and i know i see it in my own life and i'd really like to get a better handle on that you know i think a lot of us are bit by that these are magical little devices that we have we've got computers in our pockets now they do everything they do everything you know and so we're still in an embryonic stage with this technology and i think we are thrilled with it and it is like magic in our hands it's very difficult to pull away from it and it's not until you accidentally leave the house without your phone that you realize that you've gone into a panic i'm old enough to where we didn't have cell phones we had payphones we weren't in touch with our kids all day long or my parents weren't in touch with me all day long and it's like this umbilical cord yeah that is unhealthy in a variety of different ways yeah so it's trying to remind myself to put the phone down and just be present with humanity in whatever circumstances you know i am like you say you're at the grocery store and there's an elderly woman you know behind you that may be a little bent over and she's short and it's difficult to get in the bottom in the back of her cart to pull things up and put it down what a little blessing for you not to have your phone out and to recognize her struggle and say hey let me help you out you know that might not mean a whole lot to you but it might mean a whole lot to me you know so yeah the small things and these are the things that do fill our cup because a lot of times the stories come out of those because then you end up talking to the woman and then you find out that her spouse of 50 years just passed a couple of weeks ago and this has been her first journey to the grocery store and he used to help her he used to come with her and you never know right never knew yeah especially our elders uh that generation uh they're lonely uh and so if we become aware of the loneliness that occurs when we get to that age that very little families around them and that most of their friends are gone and you just you know a friendly hello acknowledging them because that's the era that they came from we're connecting with people and there is no connection imagine what the world looks like through their their eyes you know most of the time when they they see us our generation and the younger generations so detached and so it's just something to become aware of and that that is a responsibility uh for sure and how we can respond to others in making this a better place and transforming our our world our life our nation well another piece of the of the responding is also you know if if you are engaged with someone either either in person that you're engaging in conversation that comes up about the election and where we've been or even on facebook that you're engaging with someone that may have a different perspective instead of just either ignoring them or um challenging them what if we came from a curious place and we ask questions about why they feel the way that they do we might have that might be what breeds that empathy and compassion and that understanding because once you hear the human story behind what their struggle is then sometimes it's not quite so easy to write them off as you know uneducated misinformed you know naive you know there's a lot of labels that we've put on a lot of people in conjunction with this election process and who their choice of a candidate has been and i don't think we can write each other off that easily and so how to find a better way to respond to those situations with a curiosity that draws them that draws their perspective out instead of projecting your thought of what it must be wrong for it absolutely help me understand where you're coming from because i i want to understand yeah lots are that curiosity is is very powerful what a great tip yeah yeah and i think about it in our in our in our whole political process you know i don't know about you but you know i watched all the debates on both sides i like staying informed and um there's just a piece of that that leaves me always hunger hungering and thirsting for more because that artificial environment of people standing behind podiums you know with somebody you know tossing questions at them sometimes trying to trip them up or make them wrong or make them look foolish i would so much rather i don't care about the sound bites you know i would much rather see them gather around a round table and have a long discussion instead of talking about what their platform is or bringing up the history of the other candidate and why they're wrong and why they're bad it's it's the dialogue it's the discourse that helps us better understand who they are and why they are then this whole sound bite environment that we live in wow you know yeah if the questions were more about curiosity and and pulling out we we could learn so much about them and where they're coming from as as a person and that's uh the power of questions open-ended questions i tell you it you'll that's that's a great tool to learn about people yes it's a great parenting tool which we'll have to we'll have to talk about parenting in our in our next conversation we have a lot to share on that one for sure yeah we do yeah wow this is good stuff what uh what closing thoughts do you have Alecia about any of this but i love that thought and i love that we can think out of the box and i think that's the door that's opening for us is the government the way it's been for hundreds of years it's just uh it's the way it's been nothing's changed and so we're opening a new door here that says what if we tried it this way and we did have that round table discussion and these were the questions that were asked and and not so much about behaviors but how do you feel about that how did you know how do you feel about changing that how why is that important to you those those questions that get to the core the humanness of a person so that we can see them see their souls and learn about who they are underneath this facade that we mask ourselves with many times because we're we feel a need to become who everybody else wants us to be and not always a healthy choice sometimes it's it's good for people to see the raw and unfiltered version of ourselves and say oh gosh well she is human after all and that's okay and then allow me to explain myself you know from from my perspective and give in without judgment and that's that's what you're saying about you know peaking curiosity help me understand where you're coming from in that regard right and i your your um i think you're spot on with your observation of the box because those are the veils that are being pulled away um the the box is being dismantled and i think most all of us agree that something there need to be some deep deep changes in government now we might have different opinions about what those changes might be or how we get there one of the things that i say is every dark cloud has a silver lining we need change desperately we need change on behalf of the American people there's an imbalance of what's happening um in our governmental process right now and that needs to be rebalanced and it's often it's again it's not going to be sunshine and roses necessarily the change usually doesn't come in that way so we need to try to view some of the changes coming through a positive lens as much as we can and where it doesn't feel so positive bring our voice actively to the table to try to impress something different upon us to see if we can alter how that how that happens yes and i'm a huge fan of a fan of visualizing so instead of putting your energy thinking about how terrible things are and how terrible they're going to be shift that those thoughts and start imagining what it could look like if we you know when we i'm going to be optimistic here when we come together and what it will look like when our government makes these changes that are outdated and not you know just not not serving the people they're serving themselves and all those things what will it look like it will be i mean imagine our country when everybody is working and making money and feeling happy it's a good feeling to have a little extra money in your pocket you might not be so apt to go rob a convenience store if you've got an opportunity to make some money and create crime so crime will go down i mean if there's opportunities let's let's let's envision that world let's envision people stepping out and speaking about their life experiences in order to help the next person who may have experienced that who maybe whether you've gone through a tough divorce help someone who's going through that whether you've gone through addiction help someone get through that share your experiences that truly do make you an expert on that topic to help us eliminate those fears that we've talked about and and that's that's really what we need to focus on is just the vision of this world being what what we can imagine and what we all want it to be and that's that's why there's so much disappointment today because we thought one candidate would get us there and the other one won't but the truth is if we envision it and we do some of the things that that we've talked about and shared today i'm a believer i i believe in humanity and i know we can get there well and it's not just about a candidate bottom line is it's about us that's right it's about us so we need to take our power back we need to remember the power that we have and not buy into what we've been told our power is which is nothing and it's hopeless and it's helpless we need to step into our power we need to step into our positivity and we need to bring that to the forefront because if we're just going to complain and we're going to act like victims and you know we're not happy with the candidate and we can stonewall what for the next four years are we going to go through this again you know no we need to do something different when you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got so that means everybody needs to try something different yeah get involved with your community get involved and i remember as i mentioned my passion to make Nick's world a better world uh i was involved with pta um just about every year of his school yes the president and so that gave me an opportunity to have some influence in his environment and create empowering programs and empower those parents and so i took that pain that i had experienced turned it into a passion and then took action uh to to step into that power that you're talking about and that's what it's all about so it is a grassroots kind of movement and we can't place our power on some candidate or leader any any longer i mean to an extent they're the ones that make the rules at the end of the day uh we we certainly have the choice in creating our our reality within our circle of influence and the people around us yes and we have more chances this isn't the only chance that we have so the the key is to stay engaged and to be that positive change that we want to see happen so that's that either slowly but surely or very rapidly one way or the other we finally get to to that positive path that we're envisioning for all of us yeah very good well let's keep that vision alive shall we absolutely i'll hold that with you sister absolutely you know angel we've been friends for a really long time and we've been having and recording these conversations can you believe it we first met over 12 years ago that's unbelievable i have no idea where that time is gone

it has totally flown so one of the things that we'd like to suggest is that just because we're doing these podcasts doesn't mean that this conversation wasn't necessarily held many years ago or was it recently so which election do you think this conversation is about was it just here in 2020 was it 2016 or maybe even 2012. is it a message that can hold true for us even for future elections this type of conversation is timeless especially as we consciously evolved through the shift it's so true this is a timeless conversation so listeners did you notice any spiky places as you listened

how about even some judgments or maybe even some negative amplified emotions about assumptions

did you possibly put either one of us in a certain political box if so we ask that you just notice that and go deeper into self-excavation to discover the root of the trigger because what we know is that triggers energetically hijack us often holding us emotional hostage much longer than we may really care to admit

true that and so the question i find myself asking alicia is how has the intensity of my beliefs changed over time

i've noticed a difference and if yours have deepened if you're asking yourself the same question we should really be asking ourselves where have we been mostly influenced where's the influence coming from and do you like what you feel i don't necessarily like what i'm feeling so it if you don't guess what like i said before choose again the only way to move from our spheres of influence is to rise to our higher selves manage our energy moving forward and step into that place of love not fear love that is where we're all connected oh it's so true and i'll tell you i have had to choose again over and over and over again because the truth is that both of us admittedly struggle with staying centered and in an emotionally uncharged place lately it's totally a practice but you know we're trying and we're talking about it so we hope that you'll join us in making the effort to move beyond the quote-unquote issues and rise up into a more conscious heart space like angel suggests because whichever energy you're choosing that's exactly what we're putting out into the world so we've got to be very mindful is to monitor our thoughts our emotions and yeah so watch where you point that thing because energy flows where attention goes so as always we encourage you to take what resonates and leave the rest yes so our lovely listeners let us know what you thought about this experiment on our facebook page what'd you get out of it we'd love to hear from you until then hey just be your best self absolutely and eyes forward wings up and fly above it all so what a great chat girlfriend i'll see you next time this was awesome peace out my friend oh big love