Chicks Talking Shift

3D Obstacles ---> 5D Outcomes

May 08, 2021 Angel & Alecia Season 1 Episode 7
Chicks Talking Shift
3D Obstacles ---> 5D Outcomes
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Feeling like you’ve been “bullied by the Universe?”
Life fraught with obstacles?
Frustrated by uncertainty?

We’re not getting sucker-punched, we’re just being challenged to make a higher choice about how we look at the circumstances of our lives.  The stumbling blocks in this “3D reality” serve as the universal training ground for a “5D experience”...wondering what the heck all that means??

3rd Dimension (3D) = reality/the physical world; where we’ve been
5th Dimension (5D) = mindfulness/elevated consciousness; where we’re heading

This is the shift and we’re all in it!

Gear up to scale mountains of obstacles with these climbing tips from our chat: ⛰
🌟 Navigating the insecurities, emotions, & emptiness of uncertainty
🌟 Realigning with new perspectives & the power of choice
🌟 Oh and get the lowdown on the sh!ft Angel’s been dealing with!

Because the truth is, what’s happening to one of us is happening to all of us.

Peace Up ✌🏻 &  Big Love 💖
Angel & Alecia
Wayshowers for The Awakening

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hey welcome back to Chicks Talking Shift boy what a conversation we have been talking about obstacles and i've had plenty as of late we're talking about how to navigate through the obstacles many people are going through right now with these crazy energies oh Angel it's amazing what you've been through it has been a road fraught with obstacles but there's always light at the end of the tunnel so whether you love chicks talking shift and have been waiting for us to come out of hiatus for your next podcast or you're curious and want to know what's been going on with angel lately and you want to hear some things that of how she's dealt with her issues that might make a difference in your life you'll definitely want to eavesdrop in on this chat enjoy the conversation

hi welcome back to Chicks Talking Shift i'm Alecia Rice and i'm Angel Carlton so what does a bike thieves a broken closet and following your calling have to do with each other we're gonna find out right now as angel fills us in on what's been happening in the multiple lives that she's lived since heading out on the path of seeking and creating her destiny so you're in a totally different environment i am in a different environment right now i'm looking out this window at palm trees and water and exotic birds flying around and i'm in this beautiful space however i mean i knew this what the surroundings would look like when i got here what i wasn't anticipating was what i'm feeling you know how you say the grass is always greener on the other side well what i thought i would feel like versus the reality of what what it feels like to be here and that to me is fascinating i'm just kind of observing myself as i go through the process which is what we talk about all the time is kind of stepping outside of yourself and watching yourself go through the motions and not being so attached to it trying very difficult but trying not to judge myself and saying oh you should be happier or you should be this or you should be that or you you said you would be doing this and i'm like nope don't beat yourself up just kind of go with it in the meantime even though your life's been shifting we've still been doing a lot of other things behind the scenes we launched our website so go visit that if you haven't been there yet there's a free ebook waiting for you there that angel wrote that's about navigating change so you definitely want to go there and get that because that'll that'll help you out with what's going on in your life and we're also now on instagram so that's very very exciting so let's get to it angel i think that we have some listeners that are probably really curious as to what's been going on in your life so how did the move go share with our listeners some of the things that have been going on with you oh my gosh we probably don't have time to get into all of that right now

tell you what the the move itself was smooth i mean the movers were great ahead of schedule when does that ever happen yeah i had plenty of room in my storage unit for all my stuff uh it was just a smooth actually an enjoyable day where everybody was happy it was a wonderful moving day if you could imagine that no stress and once my stuff got into storage i was like free i had to bump my move up a week and i helped a friend of mine move actually up to Oklahoma and to drive his car back for him that week was total chaos then i miss my flight i come back and the stuff that i was supposed to pack and put in my car to drive to Florida and i came back and it was completely ransacked and my life was gone yeah i was like where's all my stuff so that's a whole other story there were uh missing items uh some of which i got back i still have close to four thousand dollars worth of missing stuff jewelry and things uh so that was uh heartbreaking and what a violation that was but regardless i did my best to prepare for the trip my cousin Laura flew down and drove with me and we sang our way through uh five states

basically we had we had a great time uh that was until the bike fell off the bike rack going 75 miles an hour on the highway i'm like no not my bike not my little piece of joy in the world it didn't cause like a major accident nobody got hurt so i could have been a lot worse but um you know the car next to me was able to beep its horn to inform me that hey your bike is falling off the rack in which it did i have since gotten it repaired and it is working just fine going on a bike ride every day and it's been wonderful so that was just a little mishap uh but i i tell you it was just one thing after the next then i get to my new place where i'm staying here in Florida and i unpack everything get it organized i put the last bag up on the shelf and boom the whole thing just collapsed

it's still not organized i have stuff everywhere so i don't feel quite settled yet but it's so it's been a really interesting experience and then i started having like massive abdominal pains and went to go get some antibiotics and they ended up brushing me to the er you need to go get a cat scan it could be this i'm like what next so i spent an entire day in the emergency room i'm like why is this all happening i just want to get on with making a difference and being in that enlightened place of freedom that i so craved before i got here and that i imagined and uh it's just been really difficult trudging through the mud one thing after the next to get to that place and i have little little pieces of it here and there it's like oh oh free free as a bird but then something else is gonna happen you know it's just been crazy like i'm afraid to have any joy it's gonna be stripped from me so that's that's how the move went i'm here i'm excited to be here but things are just balancing out at this point it's been great crazy crazy journey so far that's a lot that's a pretty rocky road and the road before that was rocky i mean just trying to get to the point to make the move it feels to me like there was some grace there because who gets a moving day like that where everything fits and everything works the way that it should it was awesome it was really interesting going through all my stuff and revisiting what i really what's important to me what do i want to keep moving forward what do i want to donate and have somebody else have get joy from these things and what do i want to sell so it was like all these decisions that needed to be made it it was a lot it was pretty hectic but it worked out well i mean there's thousands of decisions that go into making a move like that especially when you were releasing as much as you were so that kind of brings me to these obstacles you've had a lot of obstacles to navigate it's fascinating to me there was a lot of emotional stuff that you ran through there moves are emotional whether it's something you're looking forward to whether it's something that you're not between the move and all the obstacles that there are a lot of potentially difficult thoughts and feelings to move through as you're kind of watching this patterning and having this dust thrown up to make it a little bit more difficult for you to get to that next step and so one of the things that's not lost on me there were a couple of patterns in there that you mentioned the closet that's the second collapsed closet you've had in just a couple of months i still have releasing to do i still have too much stuff apparently what are you gonna do i've released so much stuff i had six SUV seats down fully loaded six loads i took to the donation center wow that's a lot of stuff that's a lot of stuff where did i keep all that stuff i had in closets and i i didn't need it all and i'm still releasing a lot of stuff i got rid of so many clothes but apparently not enough and the thing is i don't know how long i'm going to be on this journey i don't know where i'm going to settle down next it could be a year from now could be three months from now it could be five years from now i don't know how much stuff i'm going to need so that's what made the decisions really challenging what do i take winter clothes because i'll be in Chicago how long will i be in Chicago i don't know you know do i need my winter boots it's making me realize how to prepare for the unknown yes we almost have to see every potential outcome and then mentally prepare for that if anything just visualizing as it as a possibility so that's kind of the realized stage which is where i am i'm realizing everything is changing usually in the realized stage i will coach people and encourage people to have some kind of vision of the outcome that they want because Stephen Covey says hey begin with the end in mind but the truth is i have no clue i know my world is virtual as far as my professional life where physically i'll be and where physically i'm going to be putting my stuff on this planet i have no clue i have no idea so it's really hard to visualize which is very uncomfortable and i think that's what a lot of people are experiencing right now is that uneasiness and i almost feel empty hollow like a hollow chocolate easter bunny you know


dark chocolate we're going to be specific but i do i feel empty and hollow like i don't even know how to how to feel about what's coming it's a very similar feeling to depression it's a similar vibration but it's and i can label it depression but i it's not depression it's just an emptiness uh and i i don't know how else to describe it Alecia it's just not knowing and

part of my mind wants to go back to the way it was because at least i knew you know where i was where my stuff was what i was doing but i'm choosing i'm choosing this i'm choosing the unknown so i'm like you know what you gotta embrace these uncomfortable feelings and this is again what transformation feels like that's a little bit of the detaching uh in the experience that that i've been going through the past few weeks it's not been smooth sailing and easy breezy happy happy oh everything's wonderful it's it's not been that as much as i want it to be and we all want it to be gosh you put so much into the space we've got the the releasing and all the conscious releasing that you did as you were downsizing and you were preparing for your move but then you had this big violation of having someone go into your apartment ransack your stuff take your stuff which it's one thing just to have it be stuff but there were things in there to you that were valuable monetarily but even more valuable from an emotional perspective like family heirlooms things that have been passed to you sometimes it just when it rains it pours right i'm thinking about how i was already empathizing with the the big circumstances that you were dealing with with your move and with releasing but then to be violated in that way that just almost seems like too much i almost imagined myself breaking down into a heap because it's like what you know i've been doing all this stuff i've been trying to do it with as much grace and elegance and ease and consciousness and good spiritedness while at the same time um honoring the difficult emotions and the difficulties that are coming through it but then this other thing comes and it's almost overwhelming to think about actually because i just imagine myself being in a really emotional state and probably feeling quite vulnerable and fragile making this big leap that i don't know where i'm going and so then to have that piled on top of that how did you navigate that with the all the complex feelings and emotions and thoughts that that ran through you how do you how did you do that i feel like i have been bullied by the universe i guess i don't know by who but just one after the next i'll pick myself up i'm i'm a really optimistic person by nature and so i always try to look at the bright side you know the bike falling off well it didn't hurt anybody okay it's just a bike you can replace it but the violation the the betrayal of trust that's what hurts the most it was losing faith in humanity in a sense like really why why would somebody do this and and then you go into this victim mode why me why not not this again not this not this stop you know and i was getting angry and there was a roller coaster of emotions through one thing after the next and a very short period of time and then trying to be joyous and be in the moment and be present and stay centered it's not been easy to navigate to answer your question and i think the energies right now are not easy no like i'm experiencing what i'm experiencing we're experiencing on a very large energetic scale i feel like i've been thrown down to the ground yeah you want to be this enlightened person but not right now you're not going to be because it's one 3d thing after the next and one more physical thing that you have to deal with before you can get to that higher place of elevated consciousness and all the stuff that we talk about well look at it though Angel look at that though it's the 3d it's the obstacles it's these uncomfortable places that raise the perspective and raise the consciousness so this is the playground right this is what creates that enlightenment is that as we run across these obstacles and these difficult feelings and all of these things that we learn how to work with them i've got an Ask Alecia video coming up that talks about i'll give counsel or guidance and they're like but that's so hard as a seeker you also know that you're gonna try your best not to stop in the fact that it's hard and you're going to keep moving forward and trying to use a higher perspective regardless of what's going on one of the things that we talk about is the fact that yeah it can be hard and you can even have tools to work with the tools don't always work and so sometimes you're going to find yourself in a situation of okay i've got these tools i'm trying them trying and they don't work for whatever reason sometimes they're old tools sometimes it's not time sometimes you know there's a there's a variety of different things that that have in it and so how to get through that space of now what in that void right and so that was one of the things that you mentioned is that because from all these releases you are feeling echoey inside kind of hollow you have released so much it's almost like you don't know now what the only compass you know you have is to follow your destiny and to follow the things that feel right to you and so how to navigate that in the midst of having this echo chamber inside of your kind of in between times now yeah you've arrived but you're still in between times it's like the bridge in our last podcast we talked about your bridge building vision and so you have started now you've released all that other stuff and you and you're starting your bridge but you're building the bridge while you're on it yes you know sometimes you got the right tools sometimes you don't yeah i don't think i'm wearing the right shoes

because i keep slipping these heels are not working with damn stilettos probably not appropriate for bridge building you're right though i have been revisiting the tools that we've talked about many times and some of it applies but it just looks differently like i know the the void that i'm experiencing inside is from all the releasing that you're talking about that i've done recently and it's so easy for me to want to go back to what i know go get my old apartment back and just go back to what i had because that was fine you know i just want to go fill that void with what i know like a security blanket

then the next thought is no you can't go backwards right you're going forward you've already stepped out of that world onto this path this world the bridge as we've talked about so you're now in another world that i'd i'm lost i feel like uh outline i just watched the entire series of Outlander i feel like saucy so good

yeah here you are jumping timelines i'm totally in a in a new place new world where i don't recognize this place what has to happen next as i'm rebounding and bouncing back and recovering from all of the betrayal and heartache that i've endured over the weeks here through this move is that's this space needs to be filled with i get to choose i get to create what gets to be and it's new stuff it's new circle of people i have to find my tribe here in Florida it's an empty space which is uncomfortable but at the same time i realize i get to fill it up i get to fill it up myself and as i'm building the bridge i'm going to meet other bridge builders and it is learning new tools building a bridge as while you're on it is is not an easy thing there's lack of stability uh it feels like i'm on shaky ground like the the bridge is constantly flowing back and forth i don't have a place to really call home my home and and that's that's a very awkward thing but at the same time i'm choosing it so i can't beat myself up and be victimized well both can be true both can be true at the same time right you can be both frustrated and joyful at the same time and grateful that you're in the new space but yet like you say you feel unstable you feel empty your vision's a bit impaired because you can't really see you don't know where you're going you're following your feeling place and you're following the synchronicities and the connections that end up happening in your life to be able to create this along with just getting your bearings and being in a new space and figuring out where your tribe might hang out you know and how you can make these connections because it's difficult to make a move to another state where you don't really know anybody and especially because in my experience moving from California to West Virginia the cultures are totally different and so there are culture shifts that you don't even realize sometimes just knowing where things are like the grocery store and the post office and where's there a sweet little you know coffee shop to go sit that's got a cool vibe and that definitely makes people wobbly and just it feels very misty it feels very like this misty void of who knows but at the same time i loved what you said you said i get to i get to i get to do this i get to do that it is an opportunity the change has brought choice these changes bring choices and with each choice you get yourself closer to solidifying where you're headed and what you're going to be doing when you get there so for all the listeners that heard that you're in Florida angel needs her tribe you guys if you're in Florida reach out reach out absolutely and that's such a great message for anybody who's tuned in Alecia that we are all in a place where we get to choose what the unknown looks like yes because our lives have all changed so drastically and we want so badly to keep it the way it was or go back to the way it was and and we can't go backwards uh we're in it we're in a different place now it's like i'm observing it as i'm going to this different place i think temporarily been thrown back into uh the 3d world a little bit just to get a taste of it we're going to be lifted back up into this other dimension where we can co-create it i i feel i'm feeling like i'm being lifted out of this 3d muck uh once again uh we keep going back but going back to what you said uh i chose this i believe we all chose to be here we we have talked about this before we've all chose to be on this planet right now to experience this massive transformation that humanity is undergoing the shift in consciousness that's happening on this planet we chose to be here for this so what i'm experiencing on a very small little tiny my little blip on the map of the of the universe is what we're all going through in our own worlds but we get to co-create it so yeah whether you just picked up and left your your world behind like i did intentionally or if you were in the same world that you've been in you still have the power to co-create it whatever outcome you want and fill it up because it's been wiped clean the slate's been cleaned yes that is so relevant angel i hadn't really looked at it kind of on the micro and macro scale that you just kind of outline that because it is it's like you're on the micro level of what's going on on the macro yours might be a little bit more severe in certain ways of not knowing where why how and and being in just the process of the creation as opposed to somebody like myself whose life hasn't changed much but yet externally and internally so much has changed and there's so much that we don't know and you're exactly right i see a pattern of wanting to reach back for the normal you know and just going back for the comfort of what it was because you feel like that will calm your nervous system and make you feel okay but it's kind of like taking a drink it'll relieve it temporarily but it doesn't change the fact that everything's changed there's not much to reach back to and really kind of the only way is forward because we do like you said we that's exactly right we all have choice in whatever is happening in our life right now if we choose how we respond to it we choose how we process it internally we choose whether we're considering ourselves a victim for me why is this happening you know blah blah blah it it's all a choice that's where our power is isn't it that's what i hear that's where your power is of how you're choosing to move forward even if your mind does flip into wanting to go back into this space of oh if i could just go back to my apartment and and and all of that or if it does flip into a sense of why me in the victimization you still get you still have the choice of how you choose to move in and out of that and how you choose to ultimately frame it as well as the choice of whether you're going to keep stuck in a negative narrative that's going to depress your system and keep you down as our brains are defaulted to the negative many people we've been programmed by hearing no so many times over and over and over in our life that it's built these layers around us that we default in to a negative perspective there are very few people who default to a positive and and it's it's a retraining you can retrain your brain to think that way because i find myself going into the poor me i'm like wait a minute you have all this freedom and what is why are you going back to that place yeah of victimization and and it's that habitual thinking those neurons are still firing just because you change your location doesn't mean the brain is gonna you know the brain still has to catch up yeah wherever you go there you are

exactly yeah you've had a similar experience with just kind of being knocked back down into 3d you oh my gosh Angel i mean we we've talked about yours and yours is like huge not that it hasn't been internal as well but a lot of yours has been with the doing right of the releasing and the moving and that aspect but simultaneously for me i've been on an emotional roller coaster i have visited so many doubts and insecurities and not enough's and questioning where i'm headed and what i'm doing because i've found Chicks Talking Shift we we're shifting too we're shifting as individuals we're shifting as a partnership in in a podcast you went dark for a while you just had to take care of business so we weren't communicating and it was interesting i found myself during that time all of a sudden insecurities started rising because i started wondering where we headed what are we doing we've been such a partnership through the pandemic that once you were further away and taking care of your life and i was giving you that space all of a sudden i felt a little bit more well and sometimes a lot more insecure about who i was what i was doing where i was headed and that was difficult part of it was waiting to reconnect to you to see what changes you were going through and what how your perspective changed about how you were going to be in the space how we were going to be in the space together what we would be building that sort of thing and it's kind of a calling out process because there's so much out there that says if you're going to do a podcast then you have to do that or you have to be that and there's so much noise that it's hard to get clarity in the midst of the noise and the "shoulds" there's so much "shoulding" on yourself why i "should" be doing this i should be doing that and really paying attention to the clutter to the emotional and mental clutter and being able to calm yourself and be long enough to start to work through those things that you're thinking and that you're feeling and really kind of putting the puzzle pieces down and figuring out what do i really need what do i really want i know they say this but what feels right to me because our process might be different than what they say we should be doing and so that's part of the uncertainty that we're heading through globally is that we've been "should" on a whole lot our whole life has been in cultural conditioning and cultural programming that's really what i've been working with a whole lot is putting down the "shoulds" and really trying to be in the space of but what feels right without the fear of if i if i don't then this isn't going to work out and really trying to find the courage to do and be it my own way and our own way and create a custom program that feels right and good to us and that hopefully has value to other people yeah at the very least to let people know that they're not alone and it may not be the same experience of what we're experiencing but people are having their own experience of being knocked down it's like you're forced to look at certain aspects of your life right now that are not working certain aspects of humanity that we don't like that we'd like to recreate certain aspects of your relationships that aren't working certain aspects of your job your career path that you don't want to be doing i mean we're being forced to look at aspects of our life that are not working right now or don't or don't feel right don't feel right don't feel right but it just doesn't feel right anymore right those are the things that are shifting those are the things that are starting to shift and anytime you go through a personal transformation your relationships are going to shift it's going to have a ripple effect onto your relationships for sure but that's we'll get into that some other day that's another conversation we always get into that that's always a common thread no you're exactly right just pay attention to what feels right inside what's working what's not working what doesn't feel right and trying to find the courage to bring ourselves into alignment with what feels right for us even though other people may not understand or agree or even be inconvenienced because we don't want to do or be that thing anymore that's related to boundary setting that's when you realize that you've been showing up in a space in relationship to somebody else it just doesn't feel right anymore maybe even some resentment has been building about that for a while and just finally having the courage to say you know what i am not doing this anymore and just having the courage to admit it to yourself first and foremost and then finding a way if there's any kind of negative or heavy energy in it or angry energy in it bleeding some of that off so that when you try to bring yourself back into alignment by telling other people what you need and how you need it finding the courage to be able to speak that especially without a bunch of energy in it to where it can't be received very easily from the other people the requested change is difficult enough for people to deal with let alone it come up with a whole bunch of energy that's been built up so really trying to bleed that off and then setting that space and then it's one thing to set the space and speak the needs it's another thing to have to continually reinforce i i just did an Ask Alecia video on that boundaries change the dance steps because what happens is you get blowback for a while from people that are wondering did she really mean what she says because a lot of times look it's not unusual for me to say something and then not follow it up with action and so it's like parenting a child right discipline you say oh well if if you do this then i'm gonna do this but you don't usually do that and the child knows that it's like well i'm gonna take a chance whether she really means that or not and then challenging what that boundary is that you've sat and what that request is and showing up for yourself over and over again until they finally get the fact that oh yeah she's serious about it and that's how you slowly bring your life into alignment with what feels right to you inside again always easy to speak about it but the process itself is more difficult but it doesn't mean that it's not worth trying to walk through it even though it's hard because you get to the other side and it's a lot better for you it really is it really is and i know that i'm not there yet and it's a process and i know it's coming and i believe that and i sense it what a great takeaway though i think one of the other takeaways as simple as it is i go back to gratitude it's like my brain wants to doubt what i'm doing and the choice that i made the fact that i actually did follow through on what i said i was going to do and here i am not what yes but the mind is just wanting to make up stuff that to worry about and i'm i'm like i don't have a worry in the world right now what is your problem why are you making stuff up to worry about and the only way for me to tame that is to say what i'm grateful for what i do have it could be as simple as i have a roof over my head i have shelter i have my health my son is healthy my family's healthy those are things you don't have to worry about because the gratitude overrides all the worry about all the stuff i don't have any worries and i know that being grateful and feeling that energy around just appreciating certain things in my life will bring more to me it'll magnetize those things in my life whereas i keep worrying and keep thinking about all these shitty things that just happened to me you know the betrayal and the you know lack of trust and people lying it's it's hurtful i i don't want to focus on that stuff i want to focus about the great people i have in my life and the awesome relationships i have and the people i'm about to meet it's about to get interesting so gratitude for me is another takeaway boundaries everything that you've taught me about boundaries but i've realized i have to set boundaries in my own mind with myself that's the hardest thing

because once i'm doing it with myself then i'm i could set the example for other people and other people see that's who i am you know doesn't do well sometimes

now i totally see that so you know and so in the midst of that in that uncomfortable echoey space where you're unsure you're uncertain you're hollow you don't know what's coming you know you're stepping into the mist and just trying to create you get this looping happens that sometimes comes in of victimization and what the hell am i doing and why me and just all the what feels like vulnerability and insecurity we know change is on the horizon because it's uncomfortable bringing ourselves present even when the mind starts to loop it's exactly what you just said about paying attention being mindful of your mind and it's like oh you're headed down that path again observing neutrally not judging yourself of oh there you go again no it's like okay you're headed down that path again what do you want no that's not what i want i don't want to be perseverating on negative things i will acknowledge what's not right and what not might need change and that sort of thing which can be a tricky balance sometimes but at the same time just observing yourself neutrally managing those thoughts redirecting to no no i'm not going to sit in that victimization place that the thing that's because you're in this void place and i guess that's part of what you didn't necessarily see coming and i didn't see coming for you it's what i call the obstacle behind the obstacle you knew the looming obstacle was that you had to make this big move and that you were making this leap and that you just had to get past that obstacle but it was such a large looming obstacle that what you didn't realize what there was another smaller boulder behind it there's an obstacle behind the obstacle so now you made the move it's like oh i didn't see the void i did not know that i would land in the greener grass but there would be a void and i would be empty and i would have difficulty finding my bearings while i'm treading water trying to figure out what's next getting comfortable and that uncomfortable presence like you just did i'm here i'm in paradise i've got these exotic birds i've got you know palm trees i there's all these things that are totally right about my life yes i'm unsure but i'm okay now i've got a roof over my head see that's such a practice and when you do it over and over and over again and it becomes it becomes normal focus on the vision which as i said at the very beginning of this conversation i don't have one but i'm finding myself trying to tap into the vision i had prior to me moving here ah i can't i can't tap into what i thought it was going to be like because i thought it was going to be something different than what it is because of the the obstacles that you're talking about i didn't see this obstacle i just saw the vision of utopia that's why we make the choices we do that's why we make the changes that we do we think ending a certain relationship we're going to be happier because there's somebody better out there and that may or may not happen but you're not exactly happier without the other relationship it's it's an internal job the vision that i hold of myself is the only vision i have control over who is it i want to become what behaviors do i want to practice what does this new reinvented version of myself look like how does she behave does she walk around mopey or does she smile all the time happy i want to practice the happy smiling behaviors and so i'm practicing smiling the the other vision is what does she look like what's her posture like is she slouched over no she's got her shoulders back and she's walking tall with her chin up is she fit or out of shape and kind of looking the way i've been looking in the past few years she's getting in shape i'm doing the behaviors to make the vision come alive if that's all we do is focus on becoming a better version of ourselves the external world will fall into place i could so get caught up in all the drama i don't want to put my energy there i'd rather put it into self-care self-love really learning to love myself i'm actually learning to get to know myself again because i feel like i'm a different person that's one takeaway i would recommend for anybody who's going through a shift in their life and feel like they've been knocked down a little bit and that is just practice one little behavior to become a better version of who you are better expression of who you are baby steps well and the interesting thing is to me angel when you ran down that list everything you mentioned was your way of being you didn't mention doing angel you didn't mention all the the kind of the visions of you're a speaker you're going to be speaking and you're going to be doing events and that sort of thing you didn't mention that doing you mentioned the being which it all starts in that place beautiful the opportunities will arise from what you're putting out in the world if i want to put out the drama queen i've always bitching about this just happened to me and then guess what i'm going to be getting more of that's not what i want to attract i want to attract cool positive happy people who are passionate like myself who want to make a difference in this world raise the vibes just work at becoming a better person not a more miserable person and we have that choice it's that's the simple choice well and what we know is that as you just put one foot in front of the other you make one choice after the other that your path that some of that mist will start to clear some of that fog and it'll become clearer as you continue to co-create and move through the energies of what you're moving through it doesn't feel to me like you're going to be in a void for two years it feels like those myths everything is going so quickly right now that's great oh this is just a phase yeah yeah like it's just a face it'll it'll pass it was like when Nick was in his terrible twos i couldn't stand the kid and i'm like it's just a face it's okay it'll hit it's gonna pass and then he turned into this sweet little three-year-old that i just couldn't get enough of the opposite no Mikaela she didn't she didn't have um terrible twos she had terrible threes and i'm like

i thought i got i thought i skated through everything it's like oh i escaped that one yeah and with the pace of change happening as fast as it is i know it's i'm not going to be in this place very long it's like prepare yourself for the next phase well i got some advice for you because with like you say as quick as the changes are coming girlfriend i hate to tell ya but you gotta take the stilettos off if you're gonna be killed in the bridge and if you're gonna run if you're gonna run with the changes you gotta take the stilettos off you know you can if you might put them in a little bag to carry them with it if you need them that bad but you know you got to be built for comfort so that you can do what you need to do hey i'm in Florida i need my flip-flops i think that's that's my my lifestyle now i gotta get used to that

oh my goodness great what crazy stories what crazy stories and i thank you for taking me on the journey with you and i think it's definitely valuable for our listeners because there are going to be segments of things that you've shared and perspectives that people have experienced other things they haven't but have had similar experiences that i hope that there's something that they pull from it that has value either for where they are now or that somehow it's carried with them in the future if they find themselves in different circumstances that it gives them maybe a little bit of reframing on how they might think about it again the tools they don't work 100 of the time sometimes they do sometimes they don't it depends on the person the circumstances all of that but you give it the best try that you can to be able to navigate it with as much grace and ease and elegance as you can and hey meanwhile hold on when you're hitting those bumpy spots because this too shall pass doesn't make it any easier to get through you're absolutely right for those of you who are just smooth sailing right now keep going and keep lifting others around you who are struggling and stumbling across those little obstacles along the path because it's difficult for a lot of people right now it really is so if you're one of the fortunate ones who is not being affected by uh the chaos and the crazy energies right now then you have the responsibility to to help others and lift them up put them on your back and and carry them through this whole process you've carried me you've been holding space for me through this i would call you and say guess what just happened now

and uh and you've really helped me through this process so you've carried me so thank you so much i love you so much and so glad we're back to business yeah and creating together well and thank you for sharing your stories with me and with our listeners because i hold space for you and i'm always here for you but at the same time i didn't have these experiences and you sharing your experiences with me has taught me a lot about a whole lot of things that i couldn't know otherwise so it's always it's the whole student teacher right we're always student we're always teachers so there's always something that we can get all the knowledge that we've obtained in our entire lives we've learned from somebody else by either watching them i've learned from other people's mistakes i've learned from other people's experiences i've learned from reading other people's wisdom that they've acquired and shared that makes what i'm going through even more worthwhile to know that even if it is just you that somebody is benefiting from it so thank you yeah yeah all right well i guess as we sign off here thanks for tuning in everybody and we look forward to seeing you next time until then just keep your mind calm your heart full of love and just keep being the best version of yourself that you possibly can yeah absolutely head up eyes forward wings out we got stuff to do and uh we'll see you on check us out and get your free ebook we'll see you later bye